re:edge architecture website launch (trailer)


Here’s an animated illustration that I did for re : edge on behalf of Mäd, to celebrate the launch of their new website.

🚀 The scene opens with a small rocket launching towards the search bar that triggers an action in the domain name.

💬 The appearance of the text cursor moving backwards through the string of text in the domain name until it reaches and deletes the ‘dash (-)’ is a literal depiction of re : edge’s transition from the old to the new domain name.

▪️The dual homepage navigation that categorizes ‘Practice’ and ‘Projects’ allows the audience a sneak peek at the actual design of the website.

🍾 And finally ‘Celebrating a decade of design’ emerges accompanied by the sound of popping champagne and ends with the new logo fading in—invites the audience to anticipate the new era with the brand.

For a more comprehensive case study on the project, please head to

Cheers to a decade of design!

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